Draft Biers

Hofbräu Original 5.1%

.5L $9 1L $18

Benediktiner Weissbierbock 6.5%

.5L $9      1L $18

Benediktiner Weissbier Naturtrüb 5.4%

.5L $9      1L $18

Stiegl Zitrone Radler 2.0%

.5L $8 1L $16

Bavik Super Pils 5.2%

.5L $8      1L $16

Gulden Draak Classic Red 10.5%

.33L $10      .5L $12

Bottled Biers

Oktoberfest Specials

Paulaner Oktoberfest M​ärzen 5.8%abv(330ml) $8

Paulaner Oktoberfest Original Lager 6.0%abv(500ml) $9

German Bier


Fruh Kolsch 4.8%abv(500ml) $9

Flensburger Pilsner 4.8%abv(330ml) $7

Ayinger Jahrhundert Bier 5.5%abv(500ml) $9

Hefeweizen and Dunkel Weiss

Erdinger Hefeweizen 5.3%abv(500ml) $9

Weihenstephaner Hefe 5.4%abv(500ml) $10

Schneider Weiss 5.4%abv(500ml) $9

Erdinger Dunkel Weiss 5.3%abv(500ml) $9

Weihenstephan Dunkel Weiss 5.3%abv(500ml) $10

Paulaner Grapefruit Radler 2.5%abv(500ml) $8

Ayinger Urweisse 5.8%abv(500ml) $9

König Ludwig Weissbier 5.5%abv(330ml) $8

Dunkel (Dark)

Ayinger Celebrator 6.9%abv(330ml) $9

Köstritzer Schwarzbier 4.8%abv(330ml) $9

Schneider Aventinus 6.9%abv(500ml) $10

Rauchbier (Smoked Bier)

Aecht Schlenkerla UrBock 6.9%abv(500ml) $12

Aecht Schlenkerla Marzen 5.4%abv(500ml)$12



Einstok Toasted Porter 6.0%abv (330ml) $7

Young's Double Chocolate Stout 5.2%abv (440ml) $10


Possman Pure Cider 5.0%abv(330ml) $6

Bembel Apfelwein Gold 5.0%abv(500ml) $8

Hemly Pink Lady Apple Cider 4.5%abv(354ml) $9

Hemly Jalapeño Pear Cider 5%abv(354ml) $9

Stem Off-Dry Apple Cider 5.8%abv(330ml) $8

Stem Real Dry Apple Cider 6.8%abv(330ml) $8

Stem Rosé Cider 5.5%abv(330ml) $8

Stem Hibiscus Cider 4.3%abv(330ml) $8

Stem Raspberry Cider 6.7%abv(330ml) $8

Stem A Salted Cucumber 6.7%abv(330ml) $8

Stem Pear Apple Cider 5.3%abv(330ml) $8

Stem Chili Guava 5.7%abv(330ml) $8


Belgian Bier

Blonde Red and Pale Ale

Bavik Super Pils 5.2%abv(330ml) $6

Carlsberg Pilsner 5.0%abv(500ml) $8

Carlsberg Elephant Pilsner 7.2%abv(500ml) $9

Gulden Draak Red Triple 10.5%abv(330ml) $12

Blanche deBruxelles Witbier 4.5%abv(500ml)$6

Cuvee deTrolls Blonde 7%abv(330ml) $11

Kwak Pale Ale 8.4%abv(330ml) $12

Scaldis Peche Mel(Peach Ale) 8.5%abv(330ml)$12

Tripel Karmeliet 9%abv(330ml) $12

Delirium Tremens Ale 8.5%abv(330ml) $12

Trappist Bier

Chimay Primiere Dubbel 7.0%abv(330ml) $12

Chimay Cinq Cents Tripel 8.0%abv(330ml) $13

Chimay Grand Reserve 9.0%abv(330ml) $14

Orval Trappist Ale 6.9%abv(330ml) $12

Westmalle Tripel 9.5%abv(330ml) $12

Westmalle Dubbel 7%abv(330ml) $12

Rochefort“6” Dubbel 7.5%abv(330ml) $12

Rochefort“8” Dubbel 9.2%abv(330ml) $13

Rochefort"10" Quadrupel 11.3%abv(30ml) $14

St. Bernardus Tripel 8.0%abv(330ml) $13

Sours and Lambics

Petrus Aged Red 8.5%abv(330ml) $12

Petrus Aged Pale 7.3%abv(330ml) $10

Saison Dupont Farmhouse Ale 6.5%abv(330ml) $13

Lindemans Strawberry Lambic 4.1%abv(335ml) $15

Lindemans Pêche Lambic 2.5%abv(750ml) $28

Rodenbach Classic Ale 5.0%abv(500ml) $8

Rodenbach Grand Cru Red 6.0%abv(330ml) $12

Gluten Free

Greens IPA 6.0%abv(500ml) $12

Greens Amber Ale 6.0%abv(500ml) $12

Greens Tripel Ale 8.5%abv(500ml) $12

Greens Dry-Hopped Lager 4.1%abv(500ml) $12

*Himmel Haus takes great pride in offering biers in their

respective glassware. If you are admiring our glassware

and would enjoy a souvenir, they are available for purchase.


Red Wein

Jeremy $14/$56

   2018 Zinfandel, Lodi, CA

Hatcher $13/$52

   2017 Merlot, Calaveras, CA

Broadside $9/$36

   2019 Merlot, Paso Robles, CA

Oak Farm $11/44

   2019 Red Blend, Lodi, CA

Lenz Moser $9/36

   2015 Blaufrankish, Austria

Broadside $9/$36

   2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA

Stephen Vincent $8/$32

   2019 Pinot Noir, Santa Rosa, CA

Firestone $9/$36

   2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA

House Red $7/$28

   Canyon Road - Cabernet Sauvignon


White Wein

Lucien Albrecht $14/$56

   2016 Gewurztraminer, Alsace, France

Foley Johnson $14/$56

   2017 Chardonnay, Carneros, CA

Anselmann $11/$44

   2017 Riesling, Pfalz, Germany

Cannonball $10/$40

   2019 Sauvignon Blanc, Healdsburg, CA

Bread & Butter $9/$36

   2018 Chardonnay, Napa, CA

Bruno M. $9/$36

   2018 Gruner Veltliner, Austria

Pasqua $8/$32

   2020 Pinot Grigio, Verona, Italy

The Stag $11/$46

   2016 Chardonnay, North Coast, CA

House White $7/$28

   Canyon Road - Chardonnay

*Champagne Available - Ask your server about our selection.*

Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Erdinger Non-Alcoholic Bier $5

*contains 0.5% ABV - Must be 21+ to order

Weihenstephaner Non-Alcoholic Bier $7

*contains 0.5% ABV - Must be 21+ to order

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mugg Root Beer, Sierra Mist, Dr Pepper, Lemonade $3

Bundaberg Blood Orange Soda $6

Thomas Henry Pink Grapefruit Soda, Fentiman's Botanical Lemonade, Fentiman's Curiosity Cola, Fentiman's Cherry Cola, Fentiman's Rose Lemonade, Fentiman's Ginger Beer $5

Alpen Sierra Coffee or Iced Tea $3.50

German Hot Tea $4.50